Mrs. Burrows' Class

                             Math and Pre-Algebra

Team 6-3

Rm E201 

Hello to all my students!

Fri APRIL 3-    WEEK #3
Don't forget to send me messages with questions, screen shots, concerns or just to check in, on Schoology! ALSO, check your messages from me and ALWAYS RESPOND BACK ,so that I know you received them!
MATH: LAST DAY OF CHAP 7! Complete Clever "Chap. 7 Review on Equations and Inequalities". Do your best and USE SCRAP! Thank you to all the students that tried my KAHOOT and Optional QUIZZIZ YESTERDAY!!!! I'm so proud of you!

 Pre-Al: CHAP 8 Begins! Start w/ 8.1 PowerPT on Schoology. Please do the online interactive links and view videos throughout the PowerPt. Complete:Clever 8.1.

FOR ALL MY STUDENTS: Please continue to check to see if you have completed the math assigned. There is a BLACK folder in Schoology with all the work that was assigned this week.  PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME WHAT YOU OWE!  Check yourself.

Also, I will be posting Pics on Schoology for a discussion titled, "Would You Rather???"  "One Question", "Which One Doesn't Belong?' and a "Pattern Problem" This is meant to get the creative juices flowing, (like during class). You can add by posting your thoughts to the discussion or like/agree/disagree w/ your peer's responses.