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Mr. Pérez

 Homework Week of January 14 thru January 20
  • Math Worksheets Monday through Thursday
 Social Studies
  • Everyone did well on the World War I Test. Please see your results on Schoology. You will be given the opportunity to take it again this Tuesday Jan. 15th. If you score better than you did the first time, that score will count.
  • Complete work not finished in class
Language Arts
  • Our class will have a "Book Club" for the remainder of the year with the Lois Lowry companion novels to The Giver.
    • The first book we will be reading is Gathering Blue.
    • Students will be required to read at least TWO chapters per week for homework and complete comprehension questions posted in Schoology. This will count for two nights of H/W.
    • There are Gathering Blue audio links on Schoology for students to have the chapters read aloud to them as they read along.
    • On Fridays we will gather together as a "Book Club" and discuss the answers to the comprehension questions. Students will also engage in related literacy activities based on the book.
  • On nights students are not working on Gathering Blue they have a choice to either complete TWO independent reading logs or complete TWO Newsela Articles during the week that will be reviewed in class on the due dates. Students may also choose to do 1 Newsela Article and 1 Independent Reading Log.
    • Due Wednesday Jan. 16th: What causes windy weather? OR 1 Independent Reading Log
    • Due Thursday Jan. 17th:  Cat Grooming OR 1 Independent Reading Log