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I am the yearbook advisor for this year's book!
If you have any questions the email to send them to is:


To buy a yearbook press this banner and you will be taken to our site. 


Buy a Yearbook
If you have pictures of your child/children and would like to upload them for a potential candid,  please use the app YearbookSnap or if you are on a computer you can use the button under this announcement to go there.
  Find our school and use the code howelling2019
Community Upload
If you want to guarantee a spot in the yearbook with your friends.. you can sign up for Buddy Pictures.
Pictures will be taken during your lunch periods.
$1.00 can get you and 4 of your friends immortalized in the yearbook.
For $2.00 you and 4 of your friends can get a picture in front of the green screen and chose a background location.