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Grading Policy

How Will I Be Graded for Language Arts?

Tests/Long Entries............................60%

Quizzes/Short Entries.......................40%


  • All assignments should be completed NEATLY and THOROUGHLY
  • Reading and Writing Entries will be completed in the Reading and Writing Notebooks
  • Graded Tests & Quizzes will be located in student binders

 How can I check my grade in Language Arts?


Parent Portal is the place to check on a daily basis.  Grades will be updated as the assignments are graded.


What about other assignments, being prepared for class, and behavior?


Reading is part of our daily homework assignment.  Classwork is referred to as Assignments on the district's Rubric for Attribute Assessment and are scored on a scale 1-4 based on effort, completeness, and timeliness.  A breakdown of this scale and the other 2 attribute grades, Preparedness For Class and Behaviors That Support Learning, can be found on the document below by clicking the Attribute Rubric Link.