Mr. Milkowski's Website 6th grade Social Studies

TEAM 6-3 ZOOM AUCTION JUNE 1st 11:00am  
TEAM 6-4 ZOOM AUCTION  JUNE 1st 12:00 Noon
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Assignment 1- Make a Quizlet with new words on page 94

Assignment 2- Read pages 95-97 in text.  Start looking at notes for 4-3 on my Websites

Assignment 3-  Sign up for ZOOM at Link will be on Schoology tomorrow for our9:00/9:30 and 10:00am ZOOM class live. This first class will only be 20 minutes long.  We can share our 2 week long adventures.





Assignment 1-  Take student video question assessment

Assignemt 2- Watch Khufus Pyramid tutorial

Assignment 3-Brain teaser (DO NOT USE YOUR COMPUTER-ASK YOUR PARENTS-FACETIME SOMEONE) This is not for MONEY so don't cheat)  I'LL give the answers on MOnday




Happy Thursday,

Assignment 1- Take section 2 assessment.  For knowledge and $$$$.

Assignment 2- Watch video that is linked in Materials

Assignment 3- Write 3 questions from video and message them to me.  I will be using these questios for tomorrows assessement



Good morning,

Today is a review day.

Assignement 1- 4-2 review handout. Email me answers

Assignement 2- GO to my old website and take the 4-2 practice quiz.  Next review notes.

Assignement 3- QUizlet live at 10:30.

Also see if your parents have salt an apple and a plastic container-more to follow






Hey guys,

Assignment 1-Finish reading Lesson 2 90-93. Notes are on both of my websites if you want to copy them down.

Assignment 2- Question 3-7 page 93. Email the answers to me.

Assignment 3- Crossword puzzle for Milk Money. Email me answers.







Good Morning,

Today starts week two!!!  Its Monday so it will not be that hard of a day.

Assignement 1- Make a Quizlet for new words form page 86.

Assignment 2- Read pages 87,88 and 89.

Assignment 3- Answer question in Schoology that go with the reading ($20 for 100s)

Assignment 4-Optional- Work on fun matching assignment (No MIlkowski $$$$)




I have attached a movie on Schoology of me reading a story for you.  Read along and when we are done there are 4 questions to answer at the end.  Also the first person to email me back with the name of the parasite from our story and the three countries it can still be found in today receives $100 Milkowskis...




Good Morning,

At 9:00am you will be able to take the quiz that is in Schoology.  It is on lesson 1 Egypt.  The quiz is for knowledge and understand.  It is not a grade!!! Also $20 Milkowskis is you get 100%.  After you take the quiz go to NEWSELA.  I have assigned an article.  Read and take quiz.  This is also NOT A GRADE.  If you get 4/4 you will also receive $20 Milkowskis.  


3/17/2020 Todays lesson is to finish reading lesson 1 from page 82-83.  Answer questions 3-7 on page 83.  Post answers to Schoology.  SCHOOLOGY IS WORKING.  YOU CAN PUT YOUR ASSIGNMENTS IN THERE NOW!!!!


Hey guys,  

Hope all of you are well.  We will be starting Egypt today.  I have posted the text book on Schoology if you forgot to bring it home.  I will be posting assignments on Schoology and my MSS web page.

Todays assignment is easy.  Go to page 78 and make a quizlet for the 8 new vocab words.  Then read page 79-81.  Notes are on both of my websites.  You guys do not have to write down the notes.  It would be great if a few of you could make up a Kahoot or Quizzes to share with your classmates.  We will finish the lesson tomorrow.


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