Nicole Woolley » Grading Policies

Grading Policies


Ms. Nicole Woolley




Tests                                                                                          60%

Quizzes                                                                                      30%

Trimester Assessments                                                           10%




Tests will be announced several days prior to the test being given, in most cases.

Any projects that are handed in after the due date will have 10 points deducted for each day it is late.



Quizzes will be given to ensure that concepts are understood, homework is completed, notes are taken, and vocabulary is mastered. Take-Home Quizzes that are handed in after the due date will have 10 points deducted for each day it is late.



Binders will be used to keep handouts, returned graded materials, and notes in order. A Binder Check Quiz may be administered, which is when students may use their binders to take a quiz.



It is the students’ responsibility to complete and bring in homework on time.

It is necessary that the homework is completed when given to reinforce the concepts of the material that was covered.


Students must come to class with their homework completed. If the work is not with them during class to be checked or collected, they will not receive credit. Students will NOT be allowed to go to their lockers to get it, turn it in later in the day, or turn it in the next day. No work will be accepted late unless the student has been absent.

When absent, students should call a classmate to find out the homework assignment (since the text and Practice Journal are both online). If they are not able to complete the work while out, they must be sure to get the assignment the day they return to school.


When absent for more than one day, students should have a parent/guardian e-mail their homebase teacher before 7:40 am and the work will be in the main office for pick-up after 2:00.


Math Requirements:

Students MUST show all of their work to receive credit! The math check each day will ensure understanding and mastery of the concepts. Students will correct their own work and are expected to ask questions.


All work must be completed on standard-sized loose-leaf paper with a proper heading. It must be neat, organized and complete. All math work must be completed in pencil.


*All material discussed in class is important. Students are encouraged to listen attentively, take notes, and get involved in class discussions.