Theresa Burrows » GRADING POLICY


60% Tests
a) tests will be reviewed for. Independent practice is important.
b) Administered at the end of every chapter.
40% Quizzes -given frequently
Extra credit is not an option.

    Class work and homework provide a daily reinforcement of what is covered in class and it is through practice that learning is mastered. The following will be checked:  submission, effort and completeness 

  Behaviors that support learning will be assessed based on the following:

  1. On Task / Classroom choices
  2. Attention in class
  3. Participation
  4. Independent functioning   
  5.  Preparedness for class


Parent Portal:   Please make sure you have your child’s parent portal information.
You should also share it with your child so he/she may check his/her progress.  
Please check weekly as grades are entered in a timely manner!
To check your child's grades please do the following:

1.     Click on Portal Button.
2. User name= Child's ID     (can be found on ID card)
3. Password = birthday mm/dd/yy