FAQ Text
Q1: My child told me there is no homework and no book. Is that true?
A1: Yes.  We use a variety of resources to gather both empirical and research-based evidence to support a claim. Truth be told,  when a student wants to know something, they check the Internet. Rather than students following a teacher through a textbook, as educators, we find where students are heading and guide them through a learning experience. Students do have access to a digital textbook for each bundle of study. 

Q2: Does my child need any supplies?  Where is the Back to School list for science?

A2: Your child's primary notebook is Schoology. They may need additional resources throughout the year to demonstrate performance expectations and their tools will vary.  Students may need paint, tape, magnets, markers, cardboard, plastic bags, and to be honest, the list will include whatever a student decides they need.  I cannot tell them how they can best model or engineer a solution; those choices rest with the student and our restraints are their own materials.

Q3: How can I best help my child in Science?

A3: Being present in class is the best strategy for the most successful academic year.  Each day students are absent, they have traded an opportunity for learning science for an alternative activity.  Missed opportunities cannot be replaced. Encourage your child to ask clarifying questions and to work with others they believe will assist them in their best performance.
Q4: How can I see what is going on in class? Nothing ever seems to come home.
A4:  There are two key resources as the activities and assessments in Science are electronically based; Schoology and the Parent Portal.  In Schoology, you will find all of the activities and content we are utilizing in Science and our Parent Portal is the best resource to monitor progress.  All performance rubrics are found in Schoology and student scores are identified by a standard in the Parent Portal.  Please ask your child to log in to Schoology and show you the science folders; more folders become accessible as we progress through the academic year.  All notices that are distributed school-wide are accessible through the Backpack link on the school website and/or updated through subscribing on this website.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please email me first, as it is the most direct method of communication.