Claire Williams » Welcome to Team 8-1 Social Studies

Welcome to Team 8-1 Social Studies

Ms. Williams

Team 8-1 Social Studies



  1. Respect others.
  2. Listen to instructions the first time.
  3. Raise your hand, and wait to be called on.
  4. Be prepared daily with your textbook, a pen, any assignments and your assigned-fully charged laptop.
  5. Follow school policies
  6. Be resourceful.


  • American History: Reconstruction to the Present,McDougal Littell (Please keep book covered at all times.)
  • We The People,Center for Civic Education (Classroom supplement)


Daily Preparation/ Suggested Supplies:

  • To be considered prepared for class, students should have:
  1. A writing implement (preferably a dark blue or black ink pen).
  2. Their completed homework or other assignments. In the past, students have used a composition book for homework with much success.
  3. Their covered I do suggest students who have a difficult time remembering their textbooks, can simply leave their textbooks at home. I do have a few extras.
  4. A place to store handouts.
  5. Lined paper or a notebook.
  6. Fully-charged laptop.
  7. Ear Buds/Headphones

Contact Information:

  1. Email:[email protected]
  2. Phone Number:732-836-1327 ext. 6890
  3. Twitter:@MsWiliamsSS81


Academic Integrity:I uphold academic integrity in my classroom. Therefore, I anticipate that students complete their own work, unless paired in class. Students need to be responsible and active participants in their own learning.


Written Assignments:

                  All assignments must have the following heading at the top of the paper:


                  Name:   (First and Last)                                                                        Date:

                  Teacher:Ms. Williams                                                                           Class name:


                  Long-term assignments handed in late will be deducted one letter grade for every school day late (unless the student is absent).



                  In Social Studies, homework is used to assist in the units we are studying. We are reading to learn the content. At the beginning of every unit, students will receive a unit homework schedule. Therefore, they will know in advance what their homework will be in case of an absence. Homework is assigned almost daily, Monday-Thursday in Social Studies. While students will not have homework averaged into their final grade, it is imperative that students maintain sound homework practices. Students will encounter difficulty passing tests and quizzes if they have not completed their homework regularly.Lastly, notes or phone calls from parents requesting that their child be excused from an assignment or due date will not be accepted, except if there are extenuating circumstances.



                  If a student plagiarizes or copies someone else’s assignment, that student will receive a zero; this includes copying someone else’s homework and copying sources from the Internet for long term assignments, this includes “Air dropping” or “sharing” Google documents.


In-class Assignments:

                  Students are expected to complete in-class assignments in the allotted time. If the student does not complete and turn in the assignment during the provided class time, it is the student’s responsibility to complete and turn in the assignment.I am available for help during lunch.


Current Events:

                  In order to keep students aware of world happenings, current events will be assigned to students approximately every 2 weeks. Generally, the students will have to summarize a news article on a certain topic. Further details will be forthcoming.


Absences from Class:

                  If a student is absent from class for any reason, it is the student’s responsibility to find out what was missed at the beginning of class. Please check Schoology first before contacting a teacher for missed work. Most lessons will be posted. If the student is in school, but happens to miss Social Studies, the student should come and see me before the end of the day to see what was missed, this includes field trips taken during school hours.A missed test or quiz will be expected to be made up upon the student’s return to class. Also, if you ask for work for your student who is absent, please make sure it can be completed.


Lavatory and Locker Visits:

                  In order to keep disruptions to the lesson to a minimum, students will only be permitted to visit the lavatory on an emergencybasis.  If needed, the best time is at the beginning or the end of class. Students have times throughout the day to visit their lockers. Therefore, only on a rare occasion will students be allowed to leave class to visit their lockers. It is the student’s responsibility to sign out and complete a hall pass. Students must have a completed hall pass any time they leave the classroom.



                  Students will find most of the classroom resources on our Schoology page. Please remember the district’s policies in regards to the appropriate uses of technology, this includes keeping the protective cover on your assigned laptop.


Grading Policies:The following percentages are for social studies’ class:

  • 60% Tests
  • 40% Quizzes