MS South Winter Sports

Dear Howell Community,

We are happy that our schools have opened to a four-day week of instruction and we continue to make improvements in the new world of Covid-19. 

After serious deliberation and discussion, and due to a multitude of factors, it has been determined that our middle schools will not participate in the 2020 winter sports season. As the year progresses, we will continue to evaluate the health concerns and how it impacts our participation in upcoming after-school extracurricular activities, including our sports, drama and music programs. We believe that the potential risks to competition outweigh the benefits of these activities at this time. 

Our goal remains the health and well-being of all our staff, students and community. We remain hopeful that the virus numbers will continue to drop and afford us the opportunity to reevaluate our participation in the future. We know that this is a big disappointment for our athletes and our community and ask for your understanding as we continue to navigate this school year.