Jaclyn Going » Welcome to 6th Grade Math!

Welcome to 6th Grade Math!

Requested Supplies

2 Composition Notebooks

Plastic Folder- no prongs

Soft Pouch Pencil Case (not a box)

Pencils & Erasers

Dry Easer Marker

Colored Pen, any color

Ear Buds/Headphones 

(Hand Sanitizer, Antibacterial Wipes, and Tissues are always appreciated!)

Grading Policy

60%: Items in this category include end of topic assessments.  All tests will be reviewed for in class.  

30%: Items in this category include quizzes, as well as some classwork assignments, projects, notebook checks, average of all homework, etc. 

10%: Unit assessments will also be included in this category.

**All work must be shown in order to receive credit for assignments, quizzes, tests, projects, etc.**

Please make sure you have your child’s parent portal information. 
You should also share it with your child so he/she may check his/her progress.  
Please check weekly as grades are entered in a timely manner!

To check your child's grades please do the following:
1. http://www.howell.k12.nj.us/     Click on Portal Button.
2. User name= Child's ID     (can be found on ID card)
3. Password = birthday mm/