Melissa Mercado » iPad Troubleshooting Steps

iPad Troubleshooting Steps

  • Open a new tab or program to ensure the iPad is not functioning or if it is just on the current page.  If it still does not work on a new page, gently remove the iPad out of the case (open the flap on the back and apply pressure on the clear window to assist with getting iPad out).  Wipe metal contacts with a clean towel or your finger.  Replace iPad in case.  The iPad needs to be placed back in the case the same way it came out.
Go to Settings> Safari and Clear History and Website Data for all time.  
Go to Clever and log in> Go to Schoology and log in>Go to course and document that was trying to be opened>Once document is clicked, wait until google sign in appears on bottom then click Edit.
If this fails, repeat steps until it works.
  • Force restart.  Hold the button on the top and the home screen button together until the Apple logo appears.  Release.  
  • Ensure you are using the district issued charging cord and power adapter (12W).  
  • Adjust brightness on iPad screen to 50-75%.  Open control center and drag brightness control or go to Settings > Display and Brightness then drag the slider.