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6th Grade

This year the 6th graders will be learning Microsoft Excel.  By the the end of our time together they should be able to:
  • Format a spreadsheet
    • font changes
    • borders
    • fill colors
    • alignments
  • Utilize Built in Features
    • autofill
    • sorting by columns, rows or headings
  • Formulas
    • simple (+, -, *, /)
    • functions (autoSum, Average, Median & Mode)
Typing is another aspect of the 6th grade curriculum.  We have an online program that the students can access through here or Schoology.
  • Link
    • TypingPals
    • Username
      • ht.. then add your full 1st name and your full last name  EX:  htkristanneleggio
    • Password
      • The password is ht...then add your student number EX:  ht123456
Code is something else we will be working on.  I use a website called  They will have a special link through my Schoology page.  I cannot paste those links here, since each class has a different link.  On the 1st day of the cycle, your child will have access to that link as well as their secret words in order to log in.  This is due the LAST day of the cycle at 2 pm.  There will be no extensions for this assignment.